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Hi, welcome to my wargaming site. I played wargames long ago but had given it up with the demands of schools and work. I thought those days long past.

In 1998, one of my best friend from those days introduced me to Games Workshop table top miniature games. I was resistant at first but then i gave in. The army i wanted to start was either Lizardmen or Skaven. My friend had over 6k worth of Skaven so i chose Lizardmen instead. This remains my favorite army for fantasy. I started with the 5th edition box set so i started Bretonnians as well.

At the time 40k intrigued me as well, but the only army that i wanted was Sisters of Battle. There was no codex for them so i collected blister by blister, waiting patiently. When Chapter Approved was released with an updated SoB list, i took what i collected, added to it, and made 3k worth of an army. The models i think are gorgeous, in my belief the best of GW's work, and this is my favorite of armies.

In between Fantasy and 40k, Battle Fleet Gothic came out and being a huge fan of starships, i took to it immediately. This remains my favorite game of GW. I have several fleets for BFG.

When 6th edition fantasy battle rules came out, i was too impatient to wait for the Lizardmen or Bretonnian books so i assembled a quick orc force using only models from the starter box(es). Not one of my more favorite armies so it sits on the shelf.

I then built an army for my girlfriend. She wanted a Vampire Count Army so i assembled her one, designed by me but with substantial inputs from her. She does play but not much - well, not really i guess.

It was about this time that the idea came to me for a werewolf army. I wanted something distinct from Vampires and i did not view werewolves as undead so i based them on Beastmen instead. I took them to my first Grand Tournament ever - Baltimore 2002 - and lost. I needed more experience with them and a better list. They now wait patiently in the box for an army book.

I've also started Warmaster. I laughed warmaster off initially when it came out because the models were so small. About a year after their release i was bored so picked up the rule book to read for fluff. I thought the rules were great so i collected 2 armies, Khemri and Kislev. Khemri as they were a standard/rule book army, and Kislev because of the bear models. Also 2 armies so i can loan one out to play. I think the game is great so i will collect more i think, maybe dark elves.

Last year i got my youngest brother into the game. He preferred 40k and went with Chaos Space Marines. I've since moved away so i'm not sure he will keep the game going.

Finally, for Christmas 2001 i got some Tau models so i will complete this as well. They will come after Khemri and Kislev to be painted.

I think once i'm done with the armies i will concentrate more on terrain.

Thanks for visiting and if you have any comments, please email me.




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