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Year 40,000


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I recently attended my first Grand Tournament (Baltimore).

Went with one of my best friend and had a great time.

I brought a Beastmen army (all converted into wolfmen) and didn't do terribly well (only played with them twice before, both losses) but learned much in the process. Already I am tinkering with the army list.


That's me with my back to the camera. I was playing against dwarves and had no problems with them or the other dwarf army I played, but lost both games to scenario victory condition.


I'll be back!




Welcome to my miniature wargamning site. The site is pretty bare right now until I can devote more time to filling it. Currently the following areas have content.


Year 40,ooo (for 40k universe games)
Ulthwe fleet (2k, all customized)

my brother's Slaanesh Marines (2k)

a matching Chaos Marine fleet (2k)

my girlfriend's Necron fleet (2+k)

Fantasy (for Warhammer fantasy battle and Warmaster)

Bretonnian (3k)

Orcs (2k)

my girlfriend's Vampire Count (5k)


The list of things pending are:


Waiting to be photographed
Sisters of Battle (3k)

Ulthwe (3k)

Imperial fleet (2k)

Chaos fleet (2k)

Beastmen (2k)

Lizardmen (9k)

Waiting to be painted

Warmaster Kislev

Warmaster Khemri

Waiting to be completed

Tau (2k)

Clan War Scorpion clan

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