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 Mesme Or'est Tau'va

(Combine Our Powers for the Greater Good)


The 5th Colonial Legion



When we Tau expanded through the gap between the Damocles and Perdus Gulf, we un-knowingly encroached on Gue'la space. Up till this point, our major inter-stellar conflicts had been with Orks. Fortunately for the us, no major War Boss had taken the local Orks to Waaagh. The green threat were manageable through our superior technology, our unity in serving the Greater Good, and our alliance with the Kroot. Initial contacts with the Gue'la were peaceful with trades benefiting both quickly established. We did not know then that these Gue'la were actually refugee and renegades from the Gue'la Imperium that lied beyond in a region of space known as Ultima Segmentum. The Gue'la Imperium were, and still is, an overly aggressive and xenophobic empire. It wasn't long before the Gue'la Imperium responded, in the same way as they have always have when confronted with what they do not understand; they responded with force and arms, the Damocles crusade.

Our colonies in this part of the galaxy were still young; the colonial forces were primarily garrisons and light rapid response units. These worlds were either easily taken or cleansed by the Gue'la. Most of the colonial forces were lost buying time for the evacuation of colonists, or scattered with the exodus from Gue'la atrocities. As we Tau regroup, the scattered colonial forces were rallied to defend out major sept worlds. Most were incorporated into existing Sept legions to replenish depleted forces or complete out reserve forces. Some from the larger of the lost colonies were still cohesive enough to function as expatriates' forces. A few were almagated into wholly new legions composed of units made from the smaller colonies. One such almagated legion is the 5th colonial.

The 5th did not see much action in defense of Tau space, its formation occurred toward the end of the Imperial campaign. By then, the foolish Gue'la Imperium had come to appreciate the power of the Greater Good, and their attention and resources were required to counter the Tyranid threat. The same that then encroached on Tau space. We Tau began our campaign to liberate lost Tau colonies and claim new worlds for growth. Though several prominent commanders participated in the reclamation process, the most prominent of them was Shas'o Vior'la Shovah Kaius Mont'yr. Among the forces under the command of Commander O'shovah was the 5th Colonial Legion. The lost worlds were quickly reclaimed and repopulated. Some of these worlds actually contained Gue'la who came to understand, appreciate, and willing to submit and contribute to the Greater Good. The 5th colonial legion, under command of Shas'o M'yen Mal'Caor and three Aun, were designated to defend several of these reclaimed worlds, along with elements of Commander O'shovah's fleet under Kor'o Kais Vior'la.



When news of Commander O'shovah's breakaway reached the 5th, who still was nominally under O'shovah command, there was a general split of opinions. But then several mysterious incidents placing the 3 Ethereals, Aun'Shov, Aun'Kaara and Aun'Tsu in harm's way, Commander O'vior'la and O'Mal'Caor met with their joint staff, the Kor'Shas'ar'tol, without the Auns. Though widely sympathetic to O'shovah, the reasons for this breakaway remained clouded to the Kor'Shas'ar'tol. Coupled with their united concerns for their Auns, a joint declaration was made condemning O'shovah. An option was made available for any Tau to continue on to rejoin Commander O'shovah. Roughly one sixth of the Tau of the 5th did just that, the majority being combat hardened Shas'ui Crisis battlesuit pilots. No attempt was made to hinder their departure. Afterward, the 5th colonial legion took on the name Mesmeor'est, the Combined Powers, to represent their unity and the strength of the disparate colonial worlds they protect.



Being a colonial force, any strike force of the 5th Legion is primarily composed of fire warriors and Kroot allies. Most fire warrior squads will be mounted in devilfish for rapid transport (most of the colonial worlds remain sparsely settled with vast expanse of wilderness between). With the lost of many of their crisis battlesuits, the ones that remain tend to function as Monats.


Combat Doctrine:

Like most colonial legions, the 5th uses a combination of mobility and firepower to achieve the mission objective, usually in application of Kauyon. Interesting enough, the fire warriors often serve as bait with the Kroot serves as the trap. The paucity of XV8 has often prevented them from enacting the Mont'ka.


Battle cry:



Game Play:

The 5th legion use the following units from the Tau Codex:


1+ Shas'el, 0-1 Shas'o, 0-1 Aun,

(note no Shas'vre bodyguard option)


XV8 Crisis battlesuit, XV15 Stealth team


1+ Fire Warriors team (at least 1/2, round up, must be mounted in devilfish),

1+ Kroot Carnivore squad,

0-1 Gue'vesa team

Fast Attack

Gun drone squadron, Pathfinder team, Kroot Hound pack

Heavy Support

XV88 Broadside, Hammerhead gunship, Krootox

5th Colonial Legion



Stealth Team

Fire Teams

Kroot Teams




5th Fleet

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